Everyone seen the new Spidey Suit?  I like it!  Looks much more traditional and the eyes are nice and comic booky!
Free Comic Book Day 2012 Edition
New Bert Photo Mar 3.  153 lbs, approx 14-15% bodyfat.
Bone Photo 302.1
Reverend Fatty ain't the only Reverend in town!  I now have one marriage under my belt too!
Bells at Free Comic Book Day, May 1, 2010.  172 pounds (from a high of 240).
Chris Hemsworth in costume as THOR.

Just saw this tacked up in a guy's cube here at work.  Even though I think D&D is for dorks, this thing rules.
How did this XKCD comic elude me?  I hereby declare this the single best comic of all time!
Does this site have any
BigFatty gives Bunky's box the
JohnnyBells 230lbs Vs. 202lbs
Swerb's sweet new setup!
In honor of the incident at the zagnut a couple weeks ago.
Thought this was awesome.  I think it could go both ways though.
Jesus Fail

BK Super Seven Incher.
This is what happens when bunnies eat my plants, dammit!
From this week's Simpsons.  Homer plays Halo.
Wolverine Unleashed (For Bunky)
Suburban Jackassery is online!
Bells hittin' Bunky's box
New Batman game coming in the second quarter!  This looks awesome.
Rad enjoys himself on the Honeymoon cruise (makeup by Jackzilla).

The un-retouched picture of the Fatty-cure.
When I wear this shirt, things happen.
For Fatty per request
One of my hottie friends just sent this to me. For those of you bootie lovers, this is a Jessica Biel-esque ass.
McCain's campaign just gave Palin a new makeover.
I thought this was pretty f'in funny...
Jack's going to be a star!!!
OK.  I know I'm asking for trouble.  That's kind of the point.  I think we should all post a baby or toddler or young child pic of ourselves as an offering to the photoshop gods on this site.
EDGE!  Welcome to Jackassary!
With apologies to all involved...  Edge sent this to me and asked if I would post it.  This is his one freebie.  After this, if he needs to sign his own ass up and post this stuff himself, so I don't get in trouble :)
Here I am on 1 Aug 08, clocking in at 224lbs. We see what happens after following the Primal Blueprint for a month.
Bunky - Don't you have this shirt?
Enough with the Fatty face.  At least only Bone will find offense with this.
I just discovered this cool new software that lets you easily create sweet motivational posters like this one.
Fatty and Bunky in Hawaii!

Bunky shows off her stylish Rookies T!
Further proof that I'm a badass.
The Incredible Edible Anus!  The perfect gift for all you spice lickers!
Ever the consummate professional, Jack inspects his latest shipment of product...
Am I the only one who finds Cate Blanchett in the new Indiana Jones movie to be simultaneously frightening and damn sexy?
Thor, God of Thunder shows off a number he got during FCBD '08.

Supergirl?  More like Super-Herny!
Jackzilla Regular, Aged, West Asian-ized and Feminized.
Red Dawn Rules!!
Jackzilla's new ride: The Soccermomobile!
My friend took this pic from the beach.
Presenting: Jackzilla
This cracked me the f up.
So, anyone want to stop by for a bite to eat? Maybe a drink? Laced with some xenophobia?
Bert's Badass Ex-Auto Bashed by Braindead Bimbo - news at 11
Behold the new Bertivision!
Excitement.... building....
Enough already with that PLUMP-CAN!  From Veronica Mars and Heroes: Kristen Bell!
Happy Halloween, Motherfuckers!
All right, its my turn to be the proud father, I present to you Hugo Heiss. Born on the 7th of Oct. weighing in at 2.8 kilos. You better lock your daughter up, Zilla, unless you keep dressing her up like fruit then you probably wont have  too much to worry about.
Anna Banana
Brian Vander Ark (lead singer of The Verve Pipe) hung out at the Zilla pad Saturday night.
Flying Fatty!!!  I had to fly out to the UK.... literally!  I'll try and get the real photos and the whole story shortly....
Some people are illiterate fucktards.  I know Ross isn't the most common name in America, but wouldn't you think that by the time you're old enough to cashier at Panera, you'd have at least recognize the name and be able to spell it?
This could very well be the coolest picture I've ever seen.
Well, here's the new Batman suit... FOR ME TO POOP ON!  Seriously, why do these movies have to go all
I could resist it no longer.  Ladies and gentlemen: RadGnome!
Have Mercy!!!

Big boobs in a small bikini. 'nuff said!
Congrats to Jack and his dad, Don!!
Johnnybells is Rockin' the Selleck!
God, I just love the Onion.
I found this little guy outside my condo right by my car.  Fucking weird.  Also I found a bunch of turds back between the two buildings around where he was.  It explains the strange animal noises I've been hearing over he past couple weeks.  Anyone know what you're supposed to do in this case?
It's true, I just checked.  I'm still not doing anything as sweet as in this picture.
Congrats to all the potential fathers out there. Fatty thinks Stacy and I should squirt out some offspring, which probably ain't gonna happen, because we adopt. Cats. This is Ozzie, our newest addition. He just had his balls removed, and we can leave him home unattended for several hours at a time. We don't have to pay for daycare or put him through college. He's just cute, and that's his function.
It's amazing what you can find when you google the term, 'jackassery.'
I'm thinking about installing this in my new house. What do you think.

I happened upon this pic which I feel is appropriate for the bulk of Big Fatty's posts.
I believe this is Tony's Brand of Justice.....  This is disturbing and wrong on so many levels.
Guess where I went over the weekend!
This just cracked me up...
My Xbox... get it out!

Notice the little lines of pixels running the length of the screen?  Yup, my Xbox 360, after 18 days of use, is defective.  Actually less, cuz it's been doing this for the past 3 or 4 days.  I even hooked it up to another TV and it's doing the same shit!  So I called the Xbox support line and they said that wherever I bought it from has to exchange it for me, so we'll see what bullshittery I have to put up with doing that.    Damn computers...
Now here's a burger that may bring Fatz back to the states!
Go ahead and TRY to tell me this movie isn't going to be mind-blowingly fan-fucking-tastic.
This one is for you, Jack! Hope you like it.
Dawkins has a posse.  And I think I need to be part of it.
Ooops, it looks like Lindsay forgot to put on undergarments before leaving the house.
Lou may be a jerk, but he was huge. Here he is at 325lbs of solid muscle.
This is for all the monkey lovers in the house.
Zilla deals out justice to the ONE POUND
Even as a youngster Jack was passionate in expressing to the Powers That Be his displeasure with any injustices he witnessed.
Against threats from Jack of a light saber photoshopping, here is a photo of me and my priest, the Benedictine Monk Albin.  He gave us a private tour of his monestary in Pannonia, Hungary.  It was real cool and real interesting.  Their monestary is older than Hungary, over 1000 years old!
From the Jackassery Archives, pre-fat Fatty a.k.a. Little Willy Ho
For the married folk.
Bells and
JohnnyBells and CaptainFatty relax and shoot the shit last week in anticipation of Chicago Wizard World 2006!
A representative picture of how our bachelor party weekend in Lake Havasu went.  Seriously.
I had to crash my mountain bike. After receiving this wound I had to splash some water on it and take a nap.
Kelly Clarkson's areolas!
Yes friends, Pearl Jam show #1 has just ended and I ended up with one of Mike McCready's guitar picks.  If you're familiar with their first album, Ten, he had just finished playing
Meet Xtina and her new friends.
This, my friends, is a video game.  The new game, Sin Episodes, which is an episodic game that you download as it is released, is awesome.  It is definitely a game for guys: the breast physics alone are worth the purchase price.  Read more here:

Free Comic Book Day at Rookies
Fatty will appreciate this one - a while back, Stacy was fryin' up some luscious Stacyburgers, and I looked at my usual 2/3 lb. patty.
As we all know, Pearl Jam is the greatest band on earth. They just released a new single for their new Album that comes out in 2 months. It's an anti-war song and I LIKE IT! They put it up for a free download on their website, <a href=so I'm putting it on mine, where I know only Swerb will be interested in hearing it: " border="0" src="http://jackassery.com/uploadedcontent/thumbs/pearljam1.jpg">
Sorry to replace the near-porn of the previous photo.  So I replace it with comic porn: the first official Spider-Man 3 image.  How cool is this?
Nobody better complain about me getting something a little more heterosexual on the front page, here...
Why bike shorts should always be black.  Never red!
Anyone else looking forward to this?  Jack?  Swerb, have you read this?  It's pretty frigging good.  I borrowed the comics from Roche a while back and I'm very much looking forward to this movie.
Behold!  The new attempt at combatting obesity in the Johnson Household!
Part of this Nutricious Jackassery Breakfast.
JohnnyBell's yuletide goes terribly gay.
Have no fear... CAPTAIN BELLS IS HERE!
I'm getting a new DVD player, it's freakin' sweet!
Meet the Frag Dolls
What?  How do I roll? 
I roll like a steamroller, BITCH!
The Bible Game!  What could be more fun than a party game based around Old Testament trivia?!
Jack and I are back from our adventure up north.  The great white hunters took a side trip when our paths crossed a Hardee's.  There, Jack threw down the gauntlet and challenged Fatty to a Monster Thickburger.  See: http://www.jackassery.com/viewcomments.jsp?type=photo&id=156#1432.

It is a very good burger, but a little much on the beef - 2/3 pound.  There are bigger burgers out there, but this one just borders on sanity.  Not many people could finish one of these.  Our verdict - The THUMBS!
Look!  I found my Halloween costume at Target!

050706-N-6781S-037 Pacific Ocean (July 6, 2005) ? Lt. Tony Myers and Lt. Derecy Brown stand watch as an F/A-18E Super Hornet, assigned to the ?Tophatters? of Strike Fighter Squadron One Four (VFA-14), conducts a ?wave-off? over the flight deck aboard the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (CVN 68). The Nimitz Strike Group is currently on a regularly scheduled deployment in support of the Global War on Terrorism. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer?s Mate 3rd Class Elisabeth Ann Saccotelli (RELEASED) 

Here is Tony and Derek Doo Doo Brown live and in action on the USS Nimitz.  Photo is for some Navy PR deal for its sailors.
Further proof that Brian Jones is the sweetest person on earth.  Fatty pulled this out of his wallet at lunch the other day at random.  Apparently the world is in on this one.
The Reverend Fatty officiates his first wedding.
Have you guys heard about the Flying Spaghetti Monster?
JohnnyBells bonds with a fellow comic geek at Wizard World Chicago 2005.
Time for a new pic - can this one actually generate any commentary?
Churches are just getting nutty with the signage these days...
Fatty contemplates the cost benefit of navigating the Hirsch-y Highway
I'm a WARRIOR!!!!
Fatty, Bells, and Swerb get down at the Johnson Wedding
Ross's bachelor party gets into full swing with some ridiculously young girls.  Alas, they were only randoms and stayed momentarily.
This was on the latest episode of Family Guy, which of course had me howling with laughter.
Congradulantions to Mr and and Mrs Swerb!  Their wedding was a great time.  In attendance:  Bells and I.  Notably absent were Fatty and Zilla.
Behold!  The laptop pictureframe!
I thought this was amusing.
The Jackholes at Ross's Wedding Shower.
I chalk this up to the influence of a conversation Fregly had with Bone at my wedding shower:  I present Fregly's NEW Honda S2000.  Yes, he got another one.
Serba ingests copious amounts of alcohol via turkey baster at his bachelor party.
The Last Supper - Star Wars style!
Ahhhhh! Natalie Portman with no hair!
BigFatty and The Dark Knight finally meet.  Yes, it's Free Comic Book Day 2005!
DC, Warner Bros. Unveil New DC Comics Logo
Fatty show's off his new ride.  Note the ribbon magnet:  He's already Barbied that bitch up!  [Soon to show up on Roche's car]
Here, Amish Fatty shows us how they sewed britches back in the old days.
What Zilla's computer wallpaper looked like for a few ambarrasing moments when he discovered his Superman pic was too large and needed to be scaled down.
Well, here's the first official shot of Superman from the new movie.  That dude has some big ass legs.  Anyway, I'm only somewhat excited to see this, mainly because Bryan Singer is doing it.  But I can't say that this suit looks bad, really.
This chick is 11 yrs old. Can you farkin believe it. Her breasts are large enough to give on every bad thoughts.

Fwap, Fwap, Fwap
Desparate measures call for Kittens!

Awwww...... Look at the little ones stuck in the shoes!
We haven't had a winner like this on JA in a long time. I'm thinking of vomitting now.
Patty Patty Buke Buke was mentioned in another string, and I thought it was funny that he recently visited WMU and somebody threw salad dressing at him...
A typical Spanish holiday, people get dressed up in traditional Spanish garb, the wine flows freely and the food?s a-plenty.
From my daily DIamond Comics e-mail:  Popular men's magazine Maxim has revealed a special Sin City alternate cover for its May issue featuring exclusive art by Frank Miller!
Best pic of
I really can't believe how much attention the marmoset gets here on Jackassery, but I really thought this pic was too good to pass up.  This is from a brand new photoshoot from GQ.  Will Roche smell the bait and come back to visit?
Just.... awesome.
The Watchmen movie coming 2006!
This is the best they could do for The Thing?
New picture from Batman Begins.  Interesting.  I kind of like the costume but I'm confused by the fact that the cape is of such a different color than the cowl and rest of the costume.
Here is a recent photo that mysteriously got sent to my phone.  The caption reads:
Thought you might like some muscle and fattness porn.
Maybe Jack was right all along...
So, I'm about a year behind everybody else, and I'm finally watching Penn and Teller's Bullshit on DVD. One of the DVD bonus features included outtakes, one of which featured an interview with this guy, who believed the government was covering up a UFO conspiracy. I think his teeth automatically make him a credible source. Stacy pointed out,
Superman is a dick
How does this albino marmoset compare aesthetically with Jessica Alba? You decide.
Even better than an albino marmoset - my new obsession.
I figure even an albino marmoset is better than the fat guy in the last picture.  This is from the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, which I haven't yet picked up.  Swerb, have you read it yet?  How's the article?
Think there's a Leia in slave outfit behind him?
Behold!  The new FRICCC centerpiece!  The brand-spanking-new 20.1
Hey it's Roche!
You Star Wars geeks are out of control.
Swerb in action
Something is odd about this pic but I can't quite place my finger on it.
Summer's just around the corner boys, get ready for some skin!
Proof that Star Wars merchandising is officially out of fucking control.
Click into the comments to see continuing story on why alcohol, fireworks, and your ass don't mix.
This is the picture I used for my avatar, transformed to show me as an old man.

You guys have to check out this site that does this:

For those of you who haven't visited the Swerb household, this is my dog, Nikki. I just bought a new camera, and was experimenting with the flash, with the dog as my subject. She apparently didn't like this flash setting... needless to say, I found the result highly amusing. Note the little bit of tongue sticking out of her mouth.
Suddenly the Batman costume is looking a bit sweeter...
What Jackzilla Did This Summer.
Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke in the major motion picture
Here are the nudies. They appear to be body doubles in my prffessional opinion. You decide.
Yes, Johnny and I both sport 400 GIGS of MADNESS on our xboxes.  Gotta run!  I got some SPACE to fill!
Prisoner Of Work
Missing In Jackassery
What Creeko and I didn't get to do on my Spainish Adventure.  They had some 'professional' racers that day so we couldn't race in 300cc go karts.  At least the chicken was good at the Sock!
I'm gonna put this sign up in my bathroom
Here's a bit of gerrymandering I wouldn't complain about.
Well it's time to invest in shotguns and gold. It won't be too long know until we are living in a thrid world beatdown.
Zilla with
A surprise feature revealed for Halo 2... System Link Co-Op Campaign Play!
Kinda brings back old high school memories, eh!
Check it out!  New 3rd party xbox cases!
Welcome to America, where you're free to be stupid and uneducated
Here is my poor attempt at a panoramic view of my new computer room - the Free Range Command and Control Center (FRCCC).  It is nearly complete - I will add one more small desk where the printer sits on top of a filing cabinet.  It has been a long road full of fornications getting this room the way I want it, but I'm nearly there.
Jessica Alba as the Invisible Woman!

More Fantastic Four pics here:
My friend Battersby just sent me this.
As promised, here is a picture of the new kitchen computer.  Heather uses it to stay up-to-date on her version of Jackassery, which is dedicated to wedding bullshit.  I also tacked up a sweet Sin City poster I just got off Ebay.
Gotta love those Olympic-sanctioned volleyball uniforms.
Bear that almost ate me!
I still fail to see the resemblance.
Here I am on my vacation in Asturias, in the North of Spain. This is the Palacio de Sobrellano, located in Comillas. We spent a week a
R.I.P. Rick James!
Here is a screenshot from the game with the best graphics EVER - Doom 3!  I took this while playing last night.  I cannot overstate how sweet the graphics in this game are.
Galapagos shark
This is Jack and his collection of Prince stuff. Why is this here? It's running in The Grand Rapids Press, of course!
This very well may be the first production art from the upcoming Sin City movie.  How cool is this???
Welp, this may be the house for Stacy and I... we put in an offer for it yesterday, and we accepted the counter-offer for it today. We're just waiting for inspections and paperwork (wish me luck), and then we're going to have 30 years' worth of debt! Whee! And yes, Bert, it's the same one I told you about on Saturday. Some good things about it:The living room can accommodate an even larger TV than the one I have, plus it has a big-ass 2 1/2 stall garage. The bad things: That driveway is really long. If you want to buy me a housewarming gift, a snowblower would be nice... :)
Don't mean to horde all the photos.  Here is a Fiat Polski.  It really is a car.  There are tons of these still running around.  A piece of the past that is still hanging around.  I love this car.  Every time I see one, I have to point and laugh. Really.  It also seats four.  I am trying to find one so I can drive it.  The one owner I did find had a broken one -which is quite typical.  I got another lead to drive a Trabant - the Freedom Car of East Europe.  I'll take pics of that excursion.  Another commie-period car.
This is the bullshit costume that she's wearing in the new Elektra movie.  They claimed it would be more like her comic book costume - instead they just used a red version of the one in the Daredevil movie.   This movie is going to suck.
I know she's plain, but I wanted those ugly ass shoes out of here.
Hew TaWillager, your Pedro slippers finally came in. Do you want me to hold on to them for you?
Christian Bale as Batman and Cillian Murphy as Jonathan Crane.
This is what reminded me of Johnny's 'Thumbs' comment.  On my trip to Italy, we stopped and a little restaurant for lunch.  I noticed the waitress bring out a German beer to another table.  I casually brought this up to Martin, a German, thinking he might like to order one.  I guess his frustration with French beer broke through, because he said quite angrily 'Now this is the correct size for beer!'  I found his statement funny because of his frustration and that there being a 'correct' size for beer.  You can see in the photo why the poor German is frustrated.  It is a side-by-side size comparison with Martin giving the appropriate 'Thumbs'.
New software fo your ass!
Full Spectrum Warrior releases June 1!
Dear Fatty, Got my new shades today and I'm loving them!  Thanks!  -Zilla
What's this?  It's Splinter Cell 3 fools!  Due out THIS YEAR, no less!
Here's a pic that my friend Fregly took of Nikki and Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan while at the Playboy mansion at a party.  Yes, Linsday was definitely too young to be smoking and drinking, but there she was, doing both.  Also, it's funny to note that we didn't know who she was until much after this picture was snapped.
It's official: Halo 2 will be on store shelves on Nov 9, 2004.
I didn't know Roche was in Iraq!
Iron Man goes gay!
The new look of the Rosstation
I'm dancin' like Snoopy!  Why?  Because me and Mrs. Zilla close on our new house on Wednesday!
A fool and his money are soon parted.
The Limited Edition Crystal Xbox.  I know I'm not the only one here who's gonna give himself a solid rogering while viewing this xbox porn!
I had to get the peanut butter picture off the front page, and replace it with something less disgusting.
It was the next logical step.
NEW YORK - Prince burst into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Monday with some blistering funk...
There is a new Batman cartoon coming this fall.  I just heard about it and this a screenshot I took from the commercial I just watched.
Zilla provides evidence that he can tile like a son of a bitch!
What can I say, its a fat naked Spiderman.
Wet billboard contest!!!
Ahhh morning... FUCK YOOUUUUUU!!!!!
you guys don't know nutin bout the black-footed jamon style.
I don't know if anyone cares, but my company spent 1 million Euros on a two year deal with Fernando Alonso. For those of you who don't know who he is, he's a Spanish Formula 1 driver who could take the whole show this year.
Her's my new house, it should be done sometime around April or May.
Every bit as disturbing as one of those
Janet's boobie.  Discuss.
John tries to cope with the absence of his wife.
Like father... Check out the red booties!
Big Daddy Creeko with Nora Jane. Your all welcome to come out any time for a visit! :)
This is a screen capture I took last night while testing out my new high definiton card for the Rosstation.  I am tuning HDTV over the air using an antenna in my house, and I can get CBS, ABC, and Fox pretty well.  You will need to click on the picture to blow it up and see all the detail - it's amazing!  Look at how well you can read the boxes, and see the individual plant leaves.  This rules.
Jackzilla's new house!
Here is the answer - some of you were on the right track!

Feliz Navidad -Bitches!
OK LOTR Fans....  You've seen the movies, you've read the books, you think you know a thing or two about middle earth.  Here is an elfin puzzle for you to solve.  Hint: Typical JackAssery-Elfin Holiday Greeting.  Answer to be revealed on Xmas!!!!!!
Will's work ethic
This is a screenshot I captured from the first behind-the-scenes webcast from Starwars.com's Episode 3 stuff.  I'm 99% sure this is artwork with Hayden Christiansen's head composited on top of it, but it would be sweet if he was this big for the movie.  However, in the rest of the video, he doesn't look this big, even though they talk about how much he's working out.
Remember that heinous pic of the motorcycle crash guy? Here's one of a girl who was driving while intoxicated. She's still alive and coming to talk to us on Tuesday about the experience. Thing is, she used to be pretty hot. Now, not so much.
I thought I'd break the monotony and add a picture of our first Christmas Tree.  Merry Christmas, Motherfuckers!
I think this site is missing a symbol next to the Jackassery logo to let people know that its participants are rational open-minded people with a firm grasp on reality.

Check this site out:  

This is one pic froma a series of lego presentations on the Bible at 
Another X-rated vegetable picture for the album.
Ross and Johnny Chilidog share a moment.
In England you can have your Free Range and talk about it too.
While at a wedding over the weekend, we spotted a guy (actually two) that looked like Kathleen's (Fregly's girlfriend) best friend's husband.  We took it upon ourselves, for the entire evening, to take covert photos of this guy (the one on the right) with the intention of showing the friend (named Chad).  When I got home later that night, I found one of the two pictures I had of Chad, and composited him into the shot (in case you can't tell, he's the one in the middle).  Anyway, we showed this picture to Chad and his wife, and they flipped out on us.  They are furious that we would compare him to two fat sloppy guys and thought it was a malicious thing to do.  I ask you jackasses now:  does he not at least share a passing resemblance?  We all thought so!
Here is a picture my buddy took  with his conveniently tiny digital camera.  The funny thing about this was that he took the picture in plain view of a bouncer, and was promptly ejected from the bar.
So Jack, when can we expect your store to be stocking these?
Here's a shot of me slicing a Stormtrooper's arm off in the new PC game Jedi Academy.  For all you console suckers, NO, you cannot play this game.
Success!  My TiVo upgrade is now complete.
This must be a roche family recipe
Real Roche Family Crest
The new and impoved Roche Family Crest
Roche Family Crest
Is this the Arnold Style that Johnny would like to emulate?
Fatty, how come you didn't tell me you opened a damn rib place right outside one of my favorite movie theaters in Chicago?  Are you afraid there aren't enough for the rest of us??
Hey kids, look!  It's HANG 'EM HIGH with VEHICLES!  Look out you pistol sniping bitches... I'm coming for ya in my warthog!
In the interest of removing objectionable pictures from the front page, I submit for you this latest lovely lady...
BORN TO BE FAT V3.0... Who needs Photoshop when you got the REAL DEAL!?
BORN TO BE FAT V2.0... Nobody out-Photoshops the Zilla!!!!
After Fatty's proclamation of his next tattoo, I took it upon myself to do a futuristic rendering of what it will look like in 10 years.
This, my friends, is the Scorpion tank up on the castle!  Don't try this at home.  (I apologize that my video capture equipment isn't more sophisticated)
This guy is sweet!
Just a reminder...
I think this better represents reality
Mystery solved!  I've found where Ross' missing socks are hiding!
I think this photo is ripe for y'alls mockery. Doncha think?
Check out these pics of Christina Fatulera I just captured from TV.
Congradulantions shemp on becoming a new dad!

I not sure what baby shemp is but if it is what I think it is, I'm not giving it to my baby!
Damn that Fatty is a smoove mofo!
Here's the most recent picture I could find of myself wearing my new shoes.
Fatty at 3742 meters atop Mont Blanc in the middle of June.  More photos if anyone is interested.
One of my many encounters with superheroes on my visit to Florida.  More images forthcoming.
They had the annual Gay Pride Parade here today, here's one of my favorite floats of the day - a dog that pissed on the crowd.  I'll put the rest of the pictures up soon.
Last week I went to see Pearl Jam in Chicago.  I got the seats I always seem to get:  4th row left, in front of the lead guitarist, Mike McCready.  It was fucking sweet.  Here is a picture I took. 

If you want to see more pics from the show that I took, check out

Now HERE is a show worth watching.
I bought red shoes. Dose that make me gay?
Another good email picture I got today.  I actually have 2 more of this guy if you homos are interested...
I just got this in email, I thought it was pretty funny.
I went spearfishing here the other day and 2 big hammerheads harassed a couple guys that were a few hundred yards away from me. They were surprised I didn't see them. I did feel something pulling my float though. I assumed it was just the current but  sensed something weird. I was towing the float about 50 ft behind me, just beyond visibility. I'm glad I didn't see them otherwise I would have imploded from fright.
This is what you guys are talking about going on at Cedar Point - this is 100 feet taller than the Magnum Force, and as the picture shows, it is unquestionably far scarier.
I thought Zilla might like some boobies. Sorry Bone if Brook is to flabby for you. Next time I will post a male bodybuilder for you so you can punch your clown.
This should give you guys something to take to the bathroom. Now she's HOT!!!
Perhaps these are the facial features that The Bone will find more amenable...
An example of facial features the Bone finds unattractive. Something smells fishy here and I don't think it's Jessica's pussy.
Pic I pulled off howardstern.com.  This guy supposedly has the largest arms in the world.  Roche, care to compare?
A re-enactment of John vs. Tony from the old days.  Who's who?  You decide.
Here is a sweet picture of the Jackassery website so you all will know what it looks like from Hawaii.
This is a digital picture of my monitor of a picture of Jack's picture taken of Will's picture of a picture of Ross
Digital picture of Fatty's digital picure of a picture posted on the site.
Here's what Dead or Alive: Extreme Beach Volleyball looks like if you download and install the nude patch.  Now does everyone understand the reason to mod your xbox?
Definitive proof that Roche missed his calling as a convenience store clerk.
Imagine how sweet this guy felt. As if mere fact of shitting youself wasn't bad enough, shitting yourself with an audinece while bungie jumping is far wose.
April 17, 2003 -- The true post-Zone Ross is revealed!
Inspired by Ross' photos
I'm hungry, but I'm not THAT hungry...
This place is famous at this point, and I used to have a better pic of it, but this one suffices...

Gotta love the old US of A...
John's younger brother Jason, aka
Marvin Gaye's
Jack drinks it up on the cruise.  That sure is some tasty punch.
Totally bizarre carrot with a vagina!!!

As seen on eBay!  (Item #2910059963)
Will wants to be either a fireman or a caterpillar when he grows up.
I had to get Tony's nasty picture off the front page.  I took this last weekend in St. Louis in a small park near the Arch.  From a distance, we couldn't tell if it was a person or a dummy.  You decide...
Hidious! This pic has scarred me for life.
Another Fat Ross picture for the non-believers.  I have this picture tacked on the wall of my bedroom to remind me of what a fatty I used to be and to warn me to never return to that state.
For those who doubt that Ross was once a large man, I give you exhibit A...
I must be crazy, but here is the most embarassing picture of me, EVER.  This is from back in the good old jackassery days, when I never combed my hair, didn't care about my clothes, and basically was a gump.  Do we have a term entry for
Jack's cat, Zanna, relaxes after a busy morning of chasing rubber bands under the couch.
Outtakes from the glorious
Will and his new girlfriend (in his mind).  This is the only place you'd ever see this combination.
One of 360 pictures taken by Jack of John & Melissa that night.  This one absolutely gives me goose bumps.  What do you think of it?
I need an official vote, here:  is this really a man?  I took this at the gay pride parade outside my apartment last summer, and I still don't know.  What do you think?
This is quite simply the funniest picture <i>ever</i>.
Three of the Jackasses on a trip to Costa Rica in July 2001
Will's first baby picture???
Going thru old emails to find funny pics to test out the photo album functionality...
I love this pic that CNN put up after the shuttle broke up.  What a bunch of morons.