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Entered on: July 12, 2004 12:00 AM by BigFatty
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Don't mean to horde all the photos. Here is a Fiat Polski. It really is a car. There are tons of these still running around. A piece of the past that is still hanging around. I love this car. Every time I see one, I have to point and laugh. Really. It also seats four. I am trying to find one so I can drive it. The one owner I did find had a broken one -which is quite typical. I got another lead to drive a Trabant - the Freedom Car of East Europe. I'll take pics of that excursion. Another commie-period car.

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From: Creeko Entered on: July 13, 2004 3:12 AM
I've never seen a Fiat Polski, but I have seen a Fiat Cinquecento(500), which is equally as hillarious only to be matched by its cousin the Seat 600. Two very classic Euro mini cars from the 50's and 60's.  
(Fiat 500)  
(Seat 600: pronounced see-yacht)
From: The Bone Entered on: July 13, 2004 3:58 AM
The person sticking their head out of the 500 looks like you Creeko.
From: Creeko Entered on: July 13, 2004 6:02 AM
Dude, I don't play no cow bell - that's a chicken!
From: Ross Entered on: July 13, 2004 7:52 AM
Excellent usage, Creeko!
From: Jackzilla Entered on: July 13, 2004 8:44 AM
Wow! That person DOES look like Creeko! How random is that?
From: Ross Entered on: July 13, 2004 9:34 AM
Not very random: I calculate the odds of the person in any given photograph snapped in Europe of a person sticking out of the top of a Fiat Cinquecento looking like Creeko at approximately 1 in 1. There you have it.
From: Creeko Entered on: July 13, 2004 9:43 AM
Although you can't see them the shoes are red and my man purse is in the front seat. I took this picture in the Eastern Block projects where I live. I just got back from the bread-line... Pumpernickel oh-boy!
From: John Entered on: July 13, 2004 12:58 PM
Are you sure that dude isn't a gal, man.

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