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What you don't want to hear at the urinal
Entered on: July 18, 2006 12:00 AM by BigFatty
Imagine yourself walking into the men's bathroom, going up to the urinal, and starting to piss.  You and the guy pissing next to you (a stranger) are the only ones in the bathroom.  You then hear the guy ask you 'Do you have any lunch plans?'  What do you do?  Kick his arse??  Well, this happened to me today, except I was the guy asking about the lunch plans!  Oh I felt a little shitty.  I was walking into the bathroom when I noticed my coworker coming in behind me.  As I was pissing, he took the urinal next to me.  I asked him if he had any lunch plans.  So when a strange voice belted out 'Excuse me!', I realized my buddy was not standing next to me.  He did not make the turn into the bathroom, but another guy did.  After an awkward moment figuring all this out, I explained what happend.  Then, I started to crack up at how absurd this was.  I told him that this was not the question to be asking strangers at the urinal.  He didn't say much - must have been too weirded out.  It was all I could do from busting out laughing before I left.

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From: John Entered on: July 18, 2006 2:12 PM
That is funny Fatty. I guess it's not as bad as walking in on dude shitting in a stalless bathroom and saying there's room for one more.
From: Ross Entered on: July 18, 2006 4:57 PM

I told that joke to some guys at work and we were all cracking up.  A classic Fatty Fornication.

Welcome back, Johnnybells!  How is the new DSL?  Is the computer usable?  How long until you render both yourself and your computer chafed beyond recognition?

From: John Entered on: July 19, 2006 1:07 AM
The DSL is sweet when all you're used to is dail up. Computers fine and the research is steady.


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