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Entered on: May 26, 2006 9:12 AM by Jackzilla
Who's still watching Lost? I know Fatty said "I'm out!" (much like I did with '24'), yet he watched the finale. I know the Roches watch it (although -- despite Bell's denials -- it apparently ranks behind Idol, because they called when Prince was on Idol and Lost was on the other channel!).  
Anyways, Ang and I are still in. I can't imagine how a show like this, that's basically a continual cock tease, can keep me coming back week after week, but it's GOOD!  
Anybody have some theories on what's going on?  
Are they in some kind of huge bio-dome (remember The Truman Show?). Did that door fall from the sky? What the frickety frackety?!

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From: Ross Entered on: May 26, 2006 10:36 AM

How could you be out on 24 before Lost?  With 24, they never fail to deliver the goods.  With Lost, they'll drop some bomb on you and then conveniently forget about it by the next episode.  I have nearly dropped them for that several times.  24 at least keeps moving and the overal plot is constantly being resolved.  

Anyway, Lost got better in the second half of this season.  After twiddling their dicks for half a season (and spending too much time on the hobbit, who should now be dead twice over - fuck him) they started to go somewhere. 

It sounds like the Others are psychics or something and that's why they have an interest in Walt, who if you recall, has some kind of powers as well as revealed in the first season.  Maybe they were being experimented on and they're rebellin against the people who ran Dharma?  But I hate their style. Henry claiming "we're the good guys" is so ludicrous - since when do good guys capture/kill you and never tell you what the fuck is going on, despite your pleas to see your kidnapped son?  They should have waxed his ass when they had the chance.  Sayeed wanted to, and he's the only one on that fucking island with anything approaching a brain.

Also, all these characters' interconnections is getting regoddamndiculous.  The army guy who trained Sayeed in Iraq being Desmond's Dharma partner?  Everyone and their brother knowing Jack's dad?  Libby giving Desmond the boat and being in the psycho ward with Fatty Bo Fatty?  At least they explained the plane crash in natural terms, no need to invoke supernatural bullshit.  But it's coming, oh yes, and I'm sure I will shit upon it.  Don't get me wrong, I don't hate supernatural stuff a priori - I like superheroes, for crying out loud - but when you use it a crutch when you can't explain things rationally, I object.

The season finale was good but not great, in my opinion.   I didn't feel a sense of danger for the captured people since the Others don't seem so dastardly anymore.  What I am looking forward to is an exploration of the origins of Dharma, and how Desmond's girlfriend's father fits into all of this.  


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