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Funny work story
Entered on: May 18, 2006 5:43 PM by The Bone
So one of the enlisted guys that work for me got arrested for armed robbery. He and his wife we driving around and picked up a hooker. He got her to give him a blowjob for 5 dollars. When the hooker was done, instead of paying her, they pulled a gun and robbed her. I couldn't make this shit up if I tried.

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From: BigFatty Entered on: May 18, 2006 6:30 PM
That guy sounds like an overachiever.  He is not satisfied with getting a blowjob for $5, he is going to get an even better deal!  What an asshole.  The poor hooker had to be in desperate straights to be giving $5 BJs.  But then to have the balls to call the cops and report the whole deal is fucking sweet.  Ya, I sucked his dick for $5, officer, but instead of paying me, that bitch robbed me with his punk-ass wife watching.  I don't care if I go to jail, that dude is going to go down!
From: Ross Entered on: May 18, 2006 7:11 PM
What seems to be even more amazing to me is that his wife was kosher with her husband getting sucked off by a skank-ho right in front of her.  A-fucking-mazing.

From: BigFatty Entered on: May 23, 2006 8:33 PM

Bone's secret is out!  This is how he keeps the ladies coming back.  He is one smooth MoFo!  Not suitable for work.
From: BigFatty Entered on: May 26, 2006 11:08 PM

Gee, I guess I am the only one who doesn't do these things.  You bitches should have told me.  How embarassing, I thought this was novel and strange.  Now it dawns on me that I am very reserved in bed.  I got to get out more.

 Ross - really?  You should let me know of these things.  This is how you roll too?  Do you do the half spin, or do you do the whole spin with the rock?  I don't think I can do the spin yet.

From: Jackzilla Entered on: May 27, 2006 7:56 AM
Fatty - Your follow up post smells of desperation for a mere response.  Anyone want to throw Fats a bone here?
From: Ross Entered on: May 27, 2006 8:15 AM
From: BigFatty Entered on: May 27, 2006 8:46 AM

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