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This is the strangest e-mail I've ever received.
Entered on: March 6, 2006 11:06 PM by Swerb
For last Sunday's paper, I wrote a quasi-humorous column about politics and this year's Oscars. Here's a link:
Anyway, it prompted this letter from a reader:  
Dear Mr. Serba:  
You poor dear. I hadn't realized that this was your very first year watching  
movies of any kind. What handicap you've been laboring under!  
If you had watched any films made, say, in the past 90 years or so, you  
would realize that many, many films are political in nature, and have been  
at many, many points in history. However, movies have been a particularly  
popular venue for speaking out against dictators who, for example, start  
wars for untruthful reason, allow cities to be destroyed without issuing  
aid, condone torture, and heedlessly and deliberately break laws regarding  
the rights of citizens-just to name a few administrative atrocities. If you  
study any films from "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" to "The Manchurian  
Candidate," to "All the Presidents' Men" and then study the times in which  
they were made, you'll actually see a connection! I'm so sorry to break it  
to you that yours is not a new idea, and this is far from the first year in  
which political movies have dominated the Academy Awards ceremony.  
But then, you've clearly got lots of catching up to do.  
In the meantime, I'd like to inquire about your use of the phrase  
"unapologetic liberal." For what, exactly, do liberals have to apologize?  
Please remember that liberals are the only force right now standing to  
defend your First Amendment right to publish shallow, unfunny, unresearched  
pablum like your column this Sunday. You might want to think about the  
application of the phrase "unapologetic conservative" instead-they appear to  
have lots of 'splaining to do.  
Kate Wheeler

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