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News from Bone
Entered on: July 20, 2005 10:24 PM by BigFatty
I got this from Bone a few weeks ago but am finally getting around to posting it.  
The carrier is definitely an interesting experience. My primary job on the flight deck is awesome. It?s exciting and dangerous enough that you get an adrenaline rush. I?m in charge of about 35 people that man and repair the arresting gear components. That?s pretty cool too because most of them are super young and look up to you. I don?t envy their job though. They work long hours in some greasy, dirty, hot ass working conditions. It is probably worse than racking pans at Butternut.  
Living on the carrier sucks balls. It?s probably the closest thing to being in prison that I hope to ever experience. In fact, there is a film crew from Icon Films (Mel Gibson?s production company) that is doing the whole deployment with us and making a documentary. One of the guys from the crew said he made a documentary once about prison life and he said that life on the carrier is very similar. There really is no where to go, not much to do in the way of fun.  
Pulling in to port makes it a little better though. We just spent 4 days in Kula Lumpur, Malaysia. It was a pretty big city with a lot of cool restaurants and bars. We stayed at a 5 star hotel that was really nice. There?s a black guy that likes to roll large and hang out with the shooters. His name is Marcus, but we call him Custom Deluxe because he all about 1st class service. He hooked us up with two suites at the hotel and VIP passes at the most popular nightclub.  
We have about 30 days before we pull into port again. We?ll hit Bahrain, which is always fun, and somewhere else in the UAE about 30 days after that. After that, we?ll begin our transit back, stopping in Perth then Hobart, Australia. That should be the best part. Next we?ll swing by Hawaii then finally back to San Diego. Hopefully no hostilities break out otherwise the whole plan goes to shit and we will stay out for however long it takes.  
Post this on Jackassery since I am unable to contribute due to the impossibly slow internet we have on the boat.

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