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I love America!!!
Entered on: May 9, 2005 10:54 PM by BigFatty
This is from an email I got from my buddy in Brazil.  
Man ... there are somethings I'll only understand if I lived in US for a while. Seriously!!! Like ... you are the first unemplolyed I've known who traveled all around the world, being sponsored by Tio Sam (you said  
that to me at school). You've returned to US and you bought a car? ...  
you know .. I'm on a good job here ... not the best, but a good one. Even  
so, after 6 months of working I could hardly buy a motorbike!!!  
Ok ... but now, try to understand this: how can people have the latest  
generation cell phone and don't have money to pay the bus, the food ...  
anything? Easy!!! They are brazilians ... and I can understand this ...  
Today, I drove to JC Pennys in my new car, walked in to buy a suit and shirts, and they asked me if I had a JC Penny's credit card.  
Well no, I replied. So, what happend? This 2 1/2 year unemployed, living at home, bum got 10% off and a $2,000 limit on his new credit card!  
They never asked me if I had a job or anything. I guess thats not important. Here, spend $2,000 you can't earn.  
I am going to drive to Brazil on a motorbike, in my new suit, just to show off to my Brazilian friend on how sweet America is.  

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From: Ross Entered on: May 10, 2005 8:33 AM
That's what makes America suck, if you ask me.

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