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Book on Hacking the Xbox
Entered on: May 9, 2003 11:45 AM by Ross
I know I've been putting up a bunch of news messages lately, but I just found out about this and it's pretty cool:

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From: Jackzilla Entered on: May 9, 2003 3:58 PM
I had read about him and his book before. It is some interesting stuff, from a legal standpoint too. If Microsoft can dictate what software is run on a machine of theirs that you buy, could a toaster manufacturer dictate the brand of bread you could use in their toasters? Really silly stuff, but when you got money like Microsoft, you can persue legal matters pretty far...  

From: Ross Entered on: May 9, 2003 4:00 PM
Absolutely not. If I buy something, it's mine. Fine, if I open it up, I void the warranty, but it's MINE. You can't take it away from me if I bought it, so why shouldn't I be able to use it how I please, as long as I'm not hurting anyone with it? Believe me, this is so obvious that MS will have their asses handed to them in court the first time someone even moderately savvy gets into it with them.

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