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Jesus has a sense of humor.
Entered on: September 22, 2004 4:58 PM by The Bone
7-Foot Crucifix Falls, Kills Woman  
POSTED: 1:33 pm EDT September 22, 2004  
UPDATED: 1:35 pm EDT September 22, 2004  
ROME -- A woman was killed Wednesday when a nearly 7-foot-tall metal crucifix fell on her head in a small town in southern Italy, police said.  
Maddalena Camillo, 72, was walking in the main square in the village of Sant'Onofrio when the crucifix toppled from a monument being restored for a religious celebration, police said.  
Sant'Onofrio is in the region of Calabria, the toe of the boot-shaped Italian peninsula, about 370 miles south of Rome.  

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From: Ross Entered on: September 22, 2004 8:20 PM
I love it - if such a random occurence had done something remotely positive, the religious nuts would all claim it was divine influence - but something as shitty as this, people will suddenly start talking sense no doubt and chalk it up to happenstance.

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