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Real Life Super Hero
Entered on: May 8, 2003 8:38 PM by Ross
Seems like England has its own real life superhero:

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From: BigFatty Entered on: May 7, 2003 4:59 PM
Brown cap and mask??? Sounds like the old Turd-burglar from my days as Sockman. Glad to see he is still out there fighting crime.
From: The Bone Entered on: May 7, 2003 5:54 PM
On that same site, did you see the article about the guy who walked into the meat dept at the grocery store and cut off his own head with the meat saw. Fucking sweet. Or how about the guy who cut off his sister-in -law's head with a butcher knife and walked around town brandishing the head. That's old school medieval butchery.
From: Ross Entered on: May 7, 2003 7:01 PM
Will, didn't you major in Old School Medieval Butchery at one point in college? There's just not enough of that going on these days...
From: Jackzilla Entered on: May 7, 2003 8:09 PM
I agree regarding Old School Medieval Butchery. In fact, I think gold old-fashioned Bleedings should be practiced by those in the Zone. If you'll recall, a good bleeding rids the body of poison and evil spirits. It was considered a cure-all for all sorts of ailments. Talk about sweet!  
Let the bleedings commence!  

From: Swerb Entered on: May 7, 2003 10:48 PM
Sorry, since I don't have the godly power to start my own item of discussion, I must use this particular forum to brag that I, being a privileged member of society, will be seeing The Matrix Reloaded on Monday. Yes, that's three days before everyone else; three days in which you all will bask in my glory. After seeing the trailer with X2 tonight, I'm convinced it could quite possibly be the best movie in the history of the universe. Please direct hate mail directly to Swerb.
From: The Bone Entered on: May 7, 2003 11:01 PM
The trailer for Matrix Reloaded was the sweetest trailer in the history of the universe so the actual movie stands a good chance of capturing the same title. At any rate, I'm already planning on walking staight out of work and catching the very first showing on opening day. I implore you - no mention of it on this website until it opens for the general audience. We already know it's going to be sweet. With great powers of the press comes great responsibility.
From: Ross Entered on: May 8, 2003 8:40 AM
Don't worry about Swerb, he won't ruin anything for us. And I apologize Swerb, you've now been given the keys to the castle. Post away.  
Also, related to the site, while I'm doing enhancements, do you guys think I need to put in a multi-page system, so some of the longer topics get broken out into multiple pages, to help with load times?  

From: Swerb Entered on: May 8, 2003 11:08 PM
Well, if anyone has seen the new issue of Time magazine with Matrix on the cover, don't read it. I understand it's loaded with spoilers and plot details, and people who have read it are fuggin' pissed because it gives everything away.  
Sweet thing is, one of the special effects supervisors for Reloaded and Revoloutions grew up in G.R.; I interviewed him for an article today. He saw the finished version of Matrix at the premeire Tuesday night, and said that it'll blow X2 right out of the water. Now, this guy has worked on some decent stuff before (he did some FX work on Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, even), and says this is the best project he's ever been involved with. Thing is, the guy wasn't all full of bullshit and hype; he seemed like a real movie-fan type of guy. Plus, the Matrix trailer alone had MUCH better action than both X-Men movies combined, in my opinion. Anyway, the guy said it's so packed with plot and action, if you get up to hit the can, you'll be lost when you come back. So multiple viewings are definitely in order....
From: Ross Entered on: May 9, 2003 9:57 AM
That is sweet that you got to talk to him. I would love to pick the brain of someone like that.  
And yeah, I heard about that Time magazine article. Right now, I've sworn off reading any more articles. I'm happy that my knowledge of the plot points of the movie is fairly limited and I want to keep it that way. I have read some "reviews" that said the movie turns into nothing more than an action flick and all the philosophy is gone. If true, I say GOOD! The philosophy of it a) has already been established, and b) isn't that sweet to begin with - it's philosophical special ed and is highly unrealistic. At this point, they can continue with the plot that is already established, show me Neo whupping some AI ass, and I'll be happy. Oh, and throwing in a Carrie Ann Moss nude scene would be nice, but I'm not holding my breath...  
I'm also trying to score tix for next Thursday online but it either isn't playing at the theater I saw X-Men at (good by Chicago standards) or they haven't announced their times yet. It sucks living here from the standpoint of theaters - most of the good big ones are in the burbs.

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